Why not try doing your banking on the Internet?

Many Net users are scared of using the Internet to do their banking, but they shouldn’t be. Banks are using the highest levels of security and the very best encryption techniques (such as SSL, standing for Secure Socket Layers) to ensure that no-one can access your account – it’s a heck of a lot safer than giving your card to someone at a restaurant.

What is more, it is cheaper than your normal banking services, and is much easier and far more convenient to use. You can even organise your accounts according to the debit orders you have, the cheques you have issued, any electronic transfers you have made, and so on. In addition, with some banks you can create accounts on the Web for beneficiaries that you have to pay (for example, your electricity account), and then you can transfer money to that account from your own, at your discretion and convenience (24 hours a day, from home) – a great facility, that reduces the time spent in queues.